Psychedelic Cecil


Acrylic on wood
70cm x 86cm

In the 1985 film A Room With A View there is an odious character called Cecil Vyse. His face is the inspiration for this piece. In the film he does not smoke a pipe, nor is his head partly composed of a round, hollow tree trunk, and so forth and so on. That is what art is for – to make things that you cannot see in real life. Now, some people object to this: “What is wrong with the real world? There is plenty enough in it to satisfy anyone! Why would you wastefully concoct something else when you could immerse yourself in what is real?” To properly answer such a person would be fruitless. Firstly, most people have the opinions they have because they like them, and they do not wish for their opinions to be cracked or smashed in the course of discussion. So people who love the real world more than anything imaginary are certainly not going to change their minds on my account. Secondly, in the absence of coercion, the rest of us are free to enjoy our fantastical dreams as we please.